Small Gardens Take A Bit More Thought – But Then They Are Worth It

Have you ever seen an allotment? It is something the British do all over the place. Right in the middle of a city they will take a plot of land and divide it into strips. Each gardener will pay a small annual fee to an association and be allocated a strip of land. They can do as they choose with it for the most part. People will put a shed on their strip.  You will see vegetable plots galore but gardeners will grow flowers too. You can be sure that all of the plots will be completely different.

But each plot will have been considered and planned. The gardener will have worked out their ideas, and when it comes to small garden design granville ny the plan is the most essential part.

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In small spaces, the plan is one of the key points of working out a garden. Unlike a huge sweeping garden where there is the possibility of allowing some plants to be where they settle. In a small garden, it is necessary to consider the plan. You need to know the patterns of the weather. You need to consider when and where the sun hits. You also need to consider what a plant will look like when it is fully grown.

The most delightful thing about a small garden is that once it is established the care and maintenance is more about enjoyment than hard work. You probably won’t need a lawnmower. A pair of decent gloves and a pair of secateurs are all you really need, those and a few hours on a Saturday morning, and you will be good to go.

Being outdoors is good for the soul. Why not be somewhere you love?